Tips to protect your Bitcoin

Over the years, we have seen some threats to virtually stored data or data sent over the network. Against this background and with a view to the increasing spread of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, we want to give you a few tips in this article on how to protect your cryptocurrencies from crooks on the best bitcoin exchanges for 2020.

Bitcoins: a safe option?

Bitcoin addresses are created for each virtual wallets, through which the user remains anonymous. However, the transactions in this protocol are public. Everyone can see the list of transactions and their addresses. For this reason, it is important to take certain precautions to protect your privacy. With a tool like Tor , for example, you can anonymize your computer's IP address.

The problems don't necessarily have to diminish enthusiasm for bitcoins, because there are some measures that can be taken to improve security. You should keep in mind that you have to protect both the virtual wallet and your identity from theft.

Protect your identity

Avoid sharing information about your transactions in a public space like the Internet - whether voluntary or ignorant. This prevents your identity from being linked to your Bitcoin address.

Use a trusted service

If you want to buy or sell something and do not know who you are dealing with on the other side, you can use a trusted service. The buyer sends the bitcoins to be paid to the service and waits until he receives the purchased item.

Encrypt your wallet

With wallets stored online, encryption is very important, as is the use of a strong password . You can use tools to encrypt files with sensitive information .

Use two-factor authentication

If you decide to use an online storage service, you should carefully research the providers to find out which service is really reliable. And even then, keep in mind that any system can have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers.

Keep your systems up to date

As we know, every application can have bugs. It is important to update the Bitcoin client, the operating system and all programs running on it regularly so that such errors are repaired.Virtual wallets are also not safe from malware that is on the hardware. Therefore, users should also use a security solution that carries out regular system checks. When talking about security, we should be conscious about malware threats. So ensure that proper antivirus software is installed on your system.Get your antivirus software from, which provides greater security with simple options.

While it is of course impossible to guarantee absolute bitcoin protection against digital theft, this should not prevent us from enjoying the use of currently available technologies.

As long as we take all necessary security measures to heart, there is no reason not to take advantage of cryptocurrencies - especially because they play an increasingly important role in the economy.